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Classical Etude in D Minor Classical Etude in D Minor

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Piece!

You draw elements from so many video game composers it's insane, Mitsuda, Uematsu, and this piece sounds like something out of Legend of Zelda to me for some reason, and two submissions a day apart? That's like a record for you! XD

Again, the Garritan piano sounds great, that was one of my favorite instruments in Garritan to use, allthough now I use East West Gold's Piano, which sounds amazing.

I can't wait to hear some more Garritan-ized pieces from you!

SuperTonic64 responds:

*is a natural wonder, eh? :P*

Yes, you are right...2 submissions a day apart is pretty good for me! Buuuuut guess what? :D I have another one coming. (It's actually the Prelude to this piece. :D)

I <3 Garritian. :) I'm just happy with what I got. (I had to go through a lot to buy this program, you know...)

Anyways, thanks for the review! ^_^

Julia's Piano--Theme from FF8 Julia's Piano--Theme from FF8

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh. Wow...

Finally get to hear Garritan's fantastic piano again, and on a great song as well!
Glad you finally got Garritan's personal Orchestra, it's a great program as others can obviously hear.
Good to hear something from you, even if it is a Video game song, I can't wait to hear your Garritan on some Classical Originals!
Remember you told me one of the first songs you'd do is Zelda's theme? Better get cracking on that! :P

SuperTonic64 responds:

lol! ^_^

We'll see about that...(I do actually have a great Zelda Overture I wrote a few years ago...It's really cool, and I usually don't say that about my music. :P)

Thanks for the review! ^_^

-Orr- Christmas Eve -Orr- Christmas Eve

Rated 5 / 5 stars


David this Piece is amazing.
For the Audio Competition I assume?
If so, You wouldn't have a problem taking first place, and if you don't, somethings wrong with the Judges of the contest.
There is indeed many different emotions and it definately starts out very "epic" sounding, allthough it doesn't maintain that feeling throughought, as it is after all, a Christmas song.
And I definately feel like I'm in the middle of an Orchestra listening to this being played Live, thanks to the East West Gold Orchestra, you can have that feeling on all your songs now.
I'm downloading this, you can definately make it in the Composing for Movies business, as I can easily picture this in the opening of some Christmas Movie.
We should talk sometime and you could give me a few hundred composing tips.
5'd from Klace.
Keep at it.

DavidOrr responds:

Hey Klace,

This is for the audio contest, yes.

My goal was to almost create a medley feel to it. If you look closely you'll hear a little O Come all ye faithful before the middle section, and Jingle Bells at the start of the fast section in the strings.

Feel free to AIM me at DavidOrrMusic or MSN at Davidorr[at]

FFVII Prelude FFVII Prelude

Rated 5 / 5 stars

FFVII Prelude - Lady Arsenic

Ah yes, the Final Fantasy Prologue Music.
The Same harp plucks over and over, it would seem repetitive but when heard it definately gives the feeling of Fantasy and adventure.

You're recreation is spot on to the Original Version
And your choice of instruments, allthough not realistic, definately sounded like it could have come out of, if not Final Fantasy 7, Then definately Final Fantasy 6.

I really don't have anythign else to say since this is perfect but listen to my version of this as well, and rate and review it.
It's called
~|Final Fantasy|~

Ours are both exactly the same, both enjoyable, which is why yours got my 5 and a Download.

Liberi Lunerum Liberi Lunerum

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Liberi Lunerum - Smartpoetic

Hey SmartPoetic, Havn't heard from you in a long time, I was starting to think you were dead or something. XD, Kidding, anyway, onto the song.

The Starting with the Piano notes reminded me of Yasunori Mitsuda, and I thought that would carry out through the whole, song, then you go all Nobuo Uematsu sounding with the Flute or whatever that is.

This is among one of your best pieces so far, Triumphant Overture being your best overall, and this definately borrows tones from that song.

You should submit more often, the last submission from you is over three months ago, your page is in my bookmarks along with several other artists that I check everyday for new submissions.

There is nothing bad about this piece allthough it can get a bit repetitive, I'm not sure what it's for, so I can't say weather the repeatedness is bad or not.

I have this a Five because you deserve it, just start submitting more often now!

SuperTonic64 responds:

Thanks Klace! ^_^

Yeah, I do take some of my inspiration from Nobuo Uemantsu and other game composers, but I differentiate too. :D

This is just a small opening theme for a game, just like the main harp theme in most Final Fantasies, the repetiveness is sometimes needed to add along to the melodic line of the piece. :)

Thanks for the review! ^_^

-Orr-Stormy Seas -Orr-Stormy Seas

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You've Done it Again Orr

Hey David, Long time Listener, First Time Reviewer.
I'm Amazed you havn't already marched into a Video Game Studio to get a job composing music, And I am Definately Getting The Gold Library Now :P
How long did it take you to compose this masterpiece?

EWQL Is Definately going to help your career, Bigtime.

DavidOrr responds:

Hey bud! This one took me only an hour and a half or so, A Hero Reborn took me about 2 and a half. As for videogames, I've got a couple I'm working on, but they aren't by huge companies. One is an indie and one is aimed for retail.

Glad you're going for the gold, it's a lot better. Thanks for the review, I'm looking forward to hearing some of your orginal stuff!

FF6 -- Overworld FF6 -- Overworld

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yes, FF6 Was Uematsu's Best Score.

This is a very well done piece, While staying true to the Original song, It gives it an updated feel, FF6 was my Favorite FF Game hands down.
And I'm not giving it a 5 just for that reason, I'm giving it a 5 because you did such a great job.
What program are you using?

LightOtaku responds:

Thank you very much. FL Studio is my program of choice. I just have alot of soundfonts.

F-zero-Mute City-Metaljonus F-zero-Mute City-Metaljonus

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is really good!

The only piece of Advice I could possible give is that you should tone it down a bit, it's much too loud, either that, or My headphones aren't working how they used to.>_>
I'm giving it a 5 Because I really like your music.
this is the first review i've given you by the way.
And one of the first F-zero songs I've seen here.
Pop down by my page and check out my Audio, do a few reviews if you can!

Metaljonus responds:

Haha, ya I saw that the wav file was a lil maxed out or you have your volume all up loud. :p Thanks for the kind first review and i'll be sure to check your stuff out.


Timless Temple Timless Temple

Rated 5 / 5 stars

6 Months Is a long time!

I can't believe you spent 6 months on a song!
Mine only take a few hours, Still this is really good, I remember hearing this a LONG Time Ago when you had Submitted it to OC Remix.
I'm giving it a 5, because it's really good and I don't really see any Flaws in it.
Stupid Downvoters getting it to a low score, I hope my 5 Helps, and Keep em coming, You did Excellent.

Wing00 responds:

Thankyou for the positive feedback. Hopefully I get more people listening to it becasue it's a song that most people will enjoy.

Totoro -- Theme Totoro -- Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is really good!

I always like a really good classical piece.
It's doesn't get boring as I've listened to it a few times while writing this review.
You either have Garritan, Edirol or some REALLY Amazing Soundfonts :p

LightOtaku responds:

Really amazing soundfonts is the correct answer!!!